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Marriage in Mdina

Zoe & AJ's wedding in St Paul's Cathedral & The Olive Gardens in Mdina, Malta.

Wedding Venues:

Ceremony:- Mdina Cathedral

Reception: - Olive Gardens, Mdina

Zoe & AJ from Ireland chose Mdina as their dream wedding destination.

Mdina, also known as the 'Silent City' and used to be the old Maltese capital from the 8th century until it was changed to the now present day capital of Valletta in 1571.

Mdina is a small fortified city which is car free (well, apart for the small amount of resident's cars) that happens to be a favourite with 750,000 tourists a year as well as engaged couples wanting to their engagement session within it's walls. If you've not been and planning a visit to Malta, make sure that this is on you do see list. It is like stepping back in time wandering through the quiet narrow streets where you'll only hear the sound of horse's hooves on the stone streets and see stunning Norman and Baroque architecture. 

Zoe & Paul wanted to take advantage of this amazing place after their wedding ceremony in St Paul's Cathedral which is in the heart of the city. We left their wedding party who headed off to the reception venue to give us a little time so I could capture some Bride & Groom portraits of the happy couple in Mdina before we joined their guests at the Olive Gardens. The Olive gardens is a wonderful wedding venue and is just outside the city which benefits from having beautiful Mdina as a backdrop especially at night when it's all light up.

The photos below are some of the highlights of Zoe and AJ's wedding day in Mdina. Enjoy.

White wedding dress hanging in window
Bridesmaid helping bride into her wedding dress and shoes.
Bridesmaid with a glass of champagne.
Bride in her wedding dress holding her bridal bouquet
Emotional bridesmaid reflected in mirror after she saw the bride in her wedding dress.
Bride with her mother surrounded by her bridesmaids just before they leave to go to the wedding ceremony in Mdina, Malta
View of St Paul's Cathedral from St Paul's Square in Mdina, Malta.
The interior of Saint Paul's Cathedral in Mdina, Malta. 
Groom waiting inside the cathedral for his bride to arrive at the wedding ceremony in Mdina, Malta.
Bride arrives in a vintage Rolls Royce at St Paul's Cathedral, Mdina
Wedding car in Malta - vintage Rolls Royce
Bride arrives at Mdina Cathedral entrance on her wedding day.
Brides smiles as she looks into St Paul's Cathedral in Mdina, Malta.
Groom standing with priest in Mdina Cathedral, Malta.
Bride and her father procession during the wedding ceremony
Wedding ceremony inside Mdina Catherìdral, Malta
Bride and groom stand at the altar in Mdina Cathedral, Malta
Groom puts wedding ring on his bride during the wedding ceremony
Bride and Groom walking through the medieval streets of Mdina, Malta
Portrait of Bride and Groom in Mdina, Malta
Bride and Groom drinking champagne next to their vintage wedding car 
Bride and Groom arrive at their wedding reception venue the Olive Gardens, Mdina, Malta
Wedding reception decor - head table number one
wedding reception decoration - instant camera and table settings board.
Wedding reception table setup at the Olive Gardens, Mdina, Malta.
General view of the wedding venue the Olive Gardens in Mdina, Malta, during a wedding reception.
Young wedding guest taking photos with a disposeable camera
Groom's father preforming his wedding speech during the wedding reception meal.
Bride laughing during the wedding speeches at Olive Gardens, Mdina
Groom performing his wedding speech during the wedding reception at the Olive Gardens in Mdina.
top table does it's wedding toast at the Olive Gardens, Mdina, Malta
Pink rose wedding cake detail
Bride & Groom cutting their wedding cake at the Olive Gardens wedding venue in Mdina, Malta
Husband and wife dance together for the first time at the Olive Gardens, Mdina, malta
Bride and Groom dance surrounded by their wedding guests
View of St Paul's cathedral in Mdina, Malta at Night

Zoe & AJ's wedding photography review: -

“The photos are AMAZING!!!!!! THANK YOU so much. We are so happy with everything about them, they are fun, relaxed and natural. We can’t wait to show them to family and friends! Thank you for making it all so relaxed in the weather conditions. You were so understanding to our needs and got the shots so fast, so that we where not standing out in the sun for too long.

We love the portrait shots in Mdina and the church! You also got some lovely shots of AJ waiting in the church and we also love the photos with children and the dancing ones too. We love them all!! :)

We really enjoyed the whole experience, you are so professional and a lovely couple to work with.

Hopefully will be enjoying our beautiful photos for many, many years to come.

Thanks so much for everything it been a blast! ”
— Zoe & AJ

Wedding Vendors:

Florist - Joseph at Flower Arts

Makeup artist: - Talitha

Hairstylist:- Enchanté Hair Care by Sharon

Wedding Planner: - Jackie at GEM Events Malta.

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