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An image that captured brides & grooms

The strength of just this one image from the 2016 wedding season has had many couples book me for their wedding.

I love this photo of a bride reflected in her mothers eye but it's surprising all the same to hear all the same from my Brides & Grooms and what made them decided to book me to capture their special day.

I have to be honest and say that this image took a few attempts to capture it at different weddings in 2016 until I got the perfect image. Lighting the Bride with a off camera flash and radio system set up wasn't so difficult but using a 100mm Macro lens with it's very shallow depth of field and whilst trying to focus manually on a reflective surface like the eye in low-light conditions has it's challenges. Movement from both subjects and myself meant that point of focus was continuously changing. 

I remember showing the Bride and her mother this shot straight away in camera and their reactions are one of amazement. Needless to say during that wedding reception I think most of their wedding guests approached me to see 'the photo' that everyone was talking about.

creative wedding day photo of the bride reflected in the eye of her mother

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