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Wedding at Villa Bologna

Kim & Charles's Maltese and Irish fusion wedding.

Since the beginning of my time photographing weddings in Malta, I've known Kim. We would be continually bumping into each other as I photographed bridal preparations throughout Malta. Kim is an amazing and very popular wedding makeup artist. Kim, originally from Ireland, is one of those people that you just warm to instantly and her now Maltese husband Charles is just the same. 

Since Kim works alongside many other wedding photographers in Malta.  I was delighted that they both decided to give me the honour and huge responsibility to photograph their very important day.

Like many couples, both Kim and Charles (Charles more so) really don't like being in front of a camera and didn't want to look uncomfortable in photos, wanting to look natural and relaxed (as they are in person) on their wedding day. They booked me for an engagement session in Malta's capital city of Valletta 6 weeks before the big day. These engagement session's are a great opportunity to get to know your wedding photographer and how he/she will work with you. This gets everyone more comfortable with being in front of the lens as well as getting some beautiful images. We had a great session with everyone feeling relaxed and having fun, especially Charles, who really started to enjoying himself.

On the day of the wedding, both Kim and Charles where familiar with me and how I work which instantly melts the ice that will be there when working with someone new.

The day was a blast and Kim & Charles's infectious sense of fun and humour spread to everyone present celebrating their day with them. They are such a beautiful couple who are truly full of love for one another. Both Veronica and I are so very happy to be able call them our friends. Looking forward to our next Aperol Spritz together soon.

The marriage ceremony of Kim & Charles was held at their local Parish Church of St Catherine in Żurrieq. The wedding reception as held in the gardens of the beautiful Maltese wedding venue Villa Bologna.

The images below are some highlights from Kim and Charles's wedding.

wedding dress and earring detail
Bride relaxing with her wedding party
Jo Malone London wedding candles
Bride getting ready with her party
brides makeup tools and brushes
Bride applying her own makeup on her wedding day
Bride looking into mirror while getting ready
Bride applying makeup to her bridesmaids
Wedding day - Groom and bestman Maltese cufflinks in Malta
Grooms party getting ready with suits and cufflinks
Groom getting reday on his wedding day.
Grooms party getting ready putting ties on.
portrait of Groom on his wedding day during the wedding day preparations
bride putting on her wedding dress
father of the bride look at his daughter on her wedding day
Brides wedding dress detail
view of the Parish Church of St Catherine in Zurrieq, Malta
Interior of the Parish Church of St Catherine in Zurrieq, Malta.
The interior dome of St Catherine of Zurrieq parish church, Malta
Grooms father standing in the church doorway on the wedding day.
Pageboy outside the church with his wedding sign
bride arrives at Zurrieq church with her father for the wedding ceremony
Groom waiting at the altar for his bride in Zurrieq parish church
Bride and groom meet at the altar
cross inside Zurrieq Parish church
Bride and groom with priest during the wedding ceremony
Bride and groom sitting during the wedding ceremony in Zurrieq, Malta
Bride and groom say their vows during the church wedding ceremony in Malta 
bride says her vows while putting on the grooms wedding ring
priest during the church wedding ceremony in Malta
Wedding guest in the church during the wedding ceremony
Bride and groom exit Zurrieq church under a shower of confetti
Bride & Groom kissing after drinking champagne
heart shaped wedding favours
Portrait of the bride in the Villa Bologna Gardens, Malta Photography.
Newlywed portrait in the gardens of the Villa Bologna, Malta
Brides wedding bouquet
Wedding venue Villa Bologna in Attard, Malta
Miss Ellens sweets wedding vendor
Bride and groom make their enterance in the vIlla Bologna gardens
General view of a garden wedding reception at the Villa Bologna, Malta.
wedding guests enjoying the garden wedding reception at the Villa Bologna, Malta
garden wedding reception at the Villa Bologna, Attard, Malta
Young wedding guest at Miss Ellen's travelling treats van in the ground of Villa Bologna, Malta
wedding guests at wedding vendor Miss Ellen's Travelling Treats in the grouds of Villa Bologna, Malta
Young wedding guest dancing in front of a love sign
Father of the bride preforms his wedding speech
Father of the bride on the mic
wedding reception photography of the speeches in the gardens of Villa Bologna, Malta.
Candid photo of the bride during the wedding reception
Groom reads his speech in the gardens of Villa Bologna
Garden wedding reception ay Villa Bologna, Attard, Malta. Wedding Photographer
Emotional first dance with the father of the bride and his daughter
Wedding guests on the dance floor
Villa Bologna wedding reception partying in the garden, Malta.
Bride gets hugged on the Dance floor by her wedding guest
Garden wedding reception at Villa Bologna, Malta. Photographer Elliot Nichol
Wedding photography - Portrait of the bride and Groom at Villa Bologna, Malta
Groom in a photobooth with his guests during his wedding reception 
Bride on the dance floor with her wedding guests at Villa Bologna
Groom gets hugged my wedding guest on the dance floor at the Villa Bologna
Wedding with sparklers at Villa Bologna Malta.
Bride and Groom with champagne after cake cutting 
Sparkling wedding reception
Bride with her father after the cake cutting
The Maltese tradition of carrying the newlyweds ads they depart their wedding reception.

The Maltese tradition of carrying the newlyweds ads they depart their wedding reception.

Newlyweds Kiss


Caterers: Island Catering 

Florist: - Flowers by Villa Bologna 

Confectionery: - Miss Ellen's Travelling Treats 

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