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Unplugged wedding

Unplugged Marriage


unplugged wedding in Malta at Villa Bologna

Very much looking forward to my first UNPLUGGED wedding this week

As any wedding photographer knows, it's become a regular reoccurring event that a wedding guest completely destroys the picture perfect moment you've been hired to capture. Whether they stand up in the aisle during the first kiss, take photos with their iPad in front of your camera, or inadvertently cause half the family to look off to the side during posed family portraits, wedding photo bombs can be a real headache. I've been looking forward this moment for years and finally it's here!!!

Ipad during the wedding reception during church

So what exactly is an unplugged wedding? An unplugged wedding is when you ask your family, friends and guests to turn off their phones, iPads, cameras and other digital distractions during the ceremony or reception. The purpose is to allow the hired wedding photographer the chance to capture the wedding as efficiently and perfectly as possible without possibly missing key shots caused by obtrusive guest photographers.

video camera at wedding ceremony Malta

Sometimes it makes a great shot of someone photographing the wedding but more then often the 'uncle Trevor' with his new Nikon or the 'auntie Emily' with her new iPhone stand right in front of the lens without any consideration for people around them of anyone that's be paid to capture the moments of the day like professional videographers and photographers.

Guest taking photo of bride and groom with an iPad during the wedding ceremony

The main reason that this wedding at Villa Bologna is being 'unplugged' is that the bride & groom what everyone to be in the 'real' moment without any distractions like posting on Facebook, tweeting or trying to figure out how the camera works during the ceremony etc. All the guest will receive access to the professional photos taken by myself within a few days and I'll be posting teaser Facebook images the next day the for the couple to tag and share with everyone as they want the pro photo's of them rather than guests snaps diluting the impact of the pro photos.

Guest taking video or photos during the wedding ceremony

There was a wedding during last year that the bride was very upset to find out that she was posted on Facebook (photo was unflattering apparently) of her walking down the aisle before she was actually married, and I totally understand why as it was a very private wedding and she wanted control over who saw her special day. 

Hope that there's more of these type of unplugged weddings in the future for me and I'm looking forward to creating some beautiful images for my couple and their guests.

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