Wedding at the db Seabank Resort & Spa in Mellieha, Malta.

Jess & Gary

Civil Ceremony & Wedding Reception at the Seabank - Link to website

The db Seabank Resort & Spa specialises in All Inclusive local and foreign weddings.

Over the years I have photographed many weddings at the Seabank and it is a huge favourite with foreign couples wanting smaller intimate weddings especially when families have children in the wedding party as everything is under the same roof.

Wedding ceremonies generally are performed on the Gazebo Terrace overlooking the main pool area but wedding receptions are placed in one of the following three areas: - Grotta Terrace, Atlantis Suite and the Upper Terrace.

Jess & Gary from Hereford, UK, had their wedding ceremony on the Gazebo Terrace and then followed by drinks in the Dome bar before their reception at the Grotta Terrace. The weather was perfect - You couldn't ask for a better day.

The Images below are from Jess and Gary's beautiful destination in Malta.

 View from the Seabank Hotel in Mellieha of the sea at Mellieha Bay
 Sign of the db Seabank resort and Spa in Mellieha, Malta.
 View of a Maltese fishing boat & Bride getting ready in the Seabank, Mellieha, Malta
 Flower girl dresses hanging in hotel room at Seabank Hotel, Malta.
 flower girl getting ready on the wedding day.
 Bride getting her makeup applied by the makeup artist
 Bridal party getting ready in hotel room at the Seabank Resort and Spa, Mellieha, Malta
 Flower girl on the hotel room balcony at the Seabank Hotel, Mellieha, Malta.
 sunglasses reflection of the groom
 Groom and grooms party getting ready in the hotel room of the Seabank Hotel, Mellieha, Malta
 Father of the groom putting on his wedding hat
 Brides wedding dress handing on the round mirror in the Seabank hotel, Malta.
 Mother of the bride arrives in the hotel room to start to get ready for the wedding day.
 Bride getting into her wedding dress
 Bridesmaid takes a drink while getting ready
 Seabank resort pool area, Mellieha, Malta
 Seabank's Gazebo Terrace wedding ceremony setting with wedding setup, Mellieha, Malta.
 Groom waiting for his bride at his wedding ceremony at the Seabank Hotel, Malta
 Brides wedding bouquet flowers
 Wedding procession - flower girls at the Seabank
 Bride arrives at the ceremony with the father and meets her groom at the altar
 Bride and groom with the registrar during the wedding ceremony at the Seabank
 Flower girl laughing during the wedding ceremony
 Bride and Groom say their vows during the ceremony at the Seabank.
 groom placing the wedding ring on his brides hand during the wedding ceremony
 bride and groom with their son after the wedding ceremony at the seabank
 walking down the aisle as husband and wife
 Bride cuddling her son after ceremony
 Portrait of the bride and groom next to the sea at Mellieha Bay, Malta 
 Seabank dome bar in Mellieha, Malta
 Bride laughing with her bridesmaid over a drink at the Seabank hotel
 Wedding reception setup at the Grotta Terrace in Seabank Resort, Mellieha, Malta
 Wedding reception setup details
 wedding reception at Seabank Hotel, Malta
 bridesmaid sitting on the wedding top table at the seabank.
 view of the wedding reception at the seabank grotto area, Mellieha, malta
 Father of the bride performs his wedding speech at the Seabank, Malta
 Bride sitting at the top table during the speeches
 Groom's speech at the Seabank Resort, Mellieha, Malta
 Father of the brides reaction to the grooms speech
 Best man speech and mother of the grooms reaction
 Bride & Grooms reaction during the speeches at their wedding reception at Seabank Resort, Malta
 Wedding reception at Seabank Resort, Mellieha, Malta
 Bride and Groom kissing surrounded by fairy lights at the Seabank Resort, Mellieha, malta

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