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5 things that every bride should know

5 things to consider when getting married in Malta or Sicily

Here's 5 things that a Bride for from UK or Ireland should consider before getting married in Malta or Sicily.

  1. Heat & Humidity - This is an obvious one but heat and humidity can make the body swell; so rings, shoes and wedding dress that did fit perfectly back at home might be a tight squeeze to get into. Make sure you try everything (without the aircon blasting) when you arrive to give time for any adjustments that you may need. 

  2. Ceremony times - Most local weddings are planned in late afternoon during summer to avoid the heat of the day. When planning a outdoor ceremony make it later in the day during the hottest months. As most venues do take advantage of the great weather and are outdoors - being in direct sun during the ceremony can be intense especially wearing a dark thick 3 piece suit, which leads me nicely to number 3.

  3. Wedding attire - Many Grooms and Brides do come over with wedding outfits that would be perfect for wedding back at home but quite the opposite during a daytime wedding in August. When researching into dresses and suits look at wedding clothes for hot and humid environments.

  4. Hair & makeup - Always arrange pre-wedding trials with artists. Styles are different in countries and this is especially true with makeup as maltese brides (not all) tend to wear very heavy makeup. They are many professionals that will cater for your style but make sure you are happy with your trials. If hair and makeup doesn't look right the bride won't FEEL great on her day. If it's not physically possible to have a trial before the wedding day ask other brides and past brides for recommendations about their experiences and ask to see photo's. There's many Facebook groups for Brides getting married in Malta/Sicily that you can join and ask questions and read experiences. I to have a closed support group for all my brides - past, present & future which is a great source of info for my clients.

  5. Change of shoes - Sparkling Jimmy Choo shoes may be perfect match for that wedding dress but the number one complaint from brides during the reception is that they wished they had brought a second pair of shoes with them to wear after the ceremony and group photos. 

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