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Red Tower Wedding

Ashley & Kevin 

The Red Tower (St Agatha's Tower)

I met Ashley & Kevin only a few days before their wedding in Sliema but we hit if off straight away chatting about life, love and world affairs. I couldn't miss out on a chance to talk to them about the US electoral candidate circus and one particular yellow haired nominee that's been in the news everyday for what seems like months.

Ashley & Kevin are a young beautiful couple with a passion for life and travel. It was a fun experience working with them and I really wish them a safe journey home and a happy future as husband and wife.

This was my first time at the venue other than as a tourist a few years back and it was the tower's first hosting of a wedding. Saint Agatha's Tower, also known as the Red Tower, Mellieħa Tower or Fort Saint Agatha, is a large bastioned watchtower in Mellieħa, Malta. It was built between 1647 and 1649, as the sixth of the Lascaris towers. Ashley & Kevin loved the idea of marrying in such a historic and beautiful place.

The Venue is perfect for small intimate weddings with stunning views over Malta and Gozo. 

A big thank you to the wedding planners - Perfect weddings for going beyond the call of duty and decorating the tower rooftop for the ceremony. 

red tower entrance with flag mellieha malta
Bride and Groom climb the starts into the red tower at mellieha malta
Candid portrait of newlyweds after the wedding ceremony on the roof of St Agatha's Tower (the red tower) in Mellieha, Malta
wedding ring detail while bride holds onto grooms arm

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