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Sparkling destination marriage

Rebecca & Matthew

Rebecca & Matthew are a gorgeous couple from Derbyshire, UK, who decided to have their destination wedding ceremony and reception at Malta's beautiful Palazzo Parisio, Naxxar, shortly followed by their honeymoon in nearby Sicily.

The day started at the Hilton in St Julians while both parties where getting ready. Rebecca had the hair and makeup at the Hilton but made the great decision to finish getting ready and into her wedding dress in the bridal suite within the Palazzo. 

The bridal suite is a favourite of mine. The room is dripping with gold leaf and original vintage furniture. That side of the Palazzo has lovely directional light that's bouncing directly off the front of the Naxxar Parish Church and streaming in from between vintage shuttered windows. The bridal suite actually leads off the bedroom which is the only room in the Palazzo that has a religious theme. The bedroom ceiling painting depicts the immaculate conception and also leads off to the small family chapel.

I would highly suggest if you are a future bride getting married at this amazing venue to arrange and use the bridal suite and bedroom for your bridal party to get ready in. Hotel's are probably more convenient but the suite is simply stunning and adds to the whole experience of the special day as well as a photographers dream.

Actually the whole day was a dream - a colourful one at that, from the grooms parties sock choice right through to mother natures amazing twilight sky after sundown.

Brides flat wedding shoes
Bride with the hair stylist
Bridesmaids making lists to ensure everything has been done
Groom getting ready in the bathroom at the Hilton Hotel, Malta.
Grooms blue suit and tie
groom laughing with his best man while having his tie tied
Grooms parties crazy socks
General view of the gardens of the Palazzo Parisio, Naxxar, Malta
Garden wedding Ceremony setup at the Palazzo Parisio, Naxxar, Malta
Wedding dress hanging on the wardrobe in the bridal suite and bedroom of the Palazzo Parisio, Naxxar, Malta
Nervous pageboy's reflection in a gold mirror in the Bridal suite in the Palazzo Parisio, Naxxar, Malta
Wedding dress detail and Bridal bouquet
Bride looking at her reflection in a golden wardrobe in the Parisio's bridal suite
bride getting ready - garter and veil
Happy bride after her veil has been fixed in place while in the Bridal Suite in the Palazzo Parisio, Malta.
bride holding her bridal bouquet in the bridal suite and detail of her wedding earring.
emotional - father and daughter on her wedding day.
Wedding guest waiting in the gardens before the garden wedding ceremony at the Palazzo Parisio, Malta
groom looking at the time on his pocket watch while waiting for the wedding ceremony to begin
Processional - bridesmaids enter the garden ceremony at the Parisio.
Bride and her father enter the garden and proceed to the ceremony with groom in the foreground.
registrar with the bride and groom during the wedding ceremony.
General view of the garden wedding ceremony at the Palazzo Parisio in Naxxar in Malta.
Bride cries a tear of happiness during an emotional wedding ceremony.
Bridesmaid's reading during the wedding ceremony.
Bride and Groom hold hands during the bridesmaids reading during the wedding ceremony.
Bride and Groom holding hands during the wedding ceremony.
Groom put wedding ring on his brides wedding finger.
Bride puts wedding band onto grooms wedding finger.
You are now husband and wife
You may kiss your wife
Newlyweds leave the garden ceremony 
husband and wife drink champagne together to celebrate their wedding.
Bride and Groom laughing with happiness while drinking champagne.
Wedding guest wearing sunglasses that are reflection of the bride and groom kissing.
garden wedding party in the Palazzo Parisio
Portrait of the bride and groom surrounded by pink flowers in the Palazzo Parisio Gardens.
Bride and Groom sit on a fountain with the gardens of the Parisio, Malta
Bride sits with the wedding guests around a water fountain.
view from above of the bride and groom standing on red carpet drinking champagne.
Wedding meal setup in the golden ballroom at the palazzo parisio, naxxar, malta
groom laughing during the wedding reception speeches
bride and groom laughing during the wedding speeches
bestman wedding speech reflection in mirror
colourful sky after sunset over the gardens of the Palazzo Parisio, Naxxar, Malta
Bride and Groom surrounded by sparklers during the wedding reception.
Bride & Groom drinking champagne after cutting the wedding cake on the terrace of the Palazzo Parisio, Malta.
Stealing a kiss after the wedding cake cut.
Bride and Groom have their first dance together
lens flare from lights while bride and groom have their first dance
wedding guest on the mic singing with the wedding band behind him.
Bride and Groom clapping during the wedding reception.
Newlyweds portrait using sparklers in front of the Palazzo Parisio in Naxxar, Malta at night.

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