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I am often asked questions regarding photography, pricing, delivery times, albums....

I hope you find these answers helpful. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions you may have that are not answered below.

Do you have insurance?

Yes! absolutely, both indemnity & public liability. Would not work as a professional photographer without it. 

How many hours wedding coverage do I need?

You should have a rough idea of your wedding timings; ceremony starting time and finishes, what time the reception starts, time of the meal, first dance, cake cut etc. To select the right amount of coverage for you, think about what elements of your wedding that you want capturing and calculate the time that I would need to cover these events. For preparation (getting ready) I would advise adding at least 2 hours to capture both wedding parties before the ceremony. 

Do you edit the wedding photographs?

I edit all the wedding images individually - I do not batch process bulk groups of images automatically - so every single one of your wedding images gets the attention it truly deserves.

Do we have to pay for the rights to the picture to have them printed? one time fee? or does it cost per picture?

Once final payment has been made, sharing and printings rights for all wedding photos are turned over to the Bride & Groom and have no restrictions on printing or sharing imposed on them nor any further costs. 

Where can I find out your pricing?

I do not list my prices for public view for a variety of reasons - the main one being that I photograph weddings throughout Europe and I have many international clients wanting pricing in their native currency. Prices differ due to fluctuating currency exchange rates. Go to the 'contact' page in the menu bar above and fill out the online form and I will be able to send you the correct price list for your wedding.

Do you offer discounts or are your prices negotiable?

I don't, as a rule, lower my prices or offer special discounts as I feel that my prices reflect my 20+ years of experience, the service and final product that my clients receive. By reducing the price it devalues myself as an artist and business. Couples do book me for my approach, creativity, professionalism and standard of my work rather than just a price. 


Do you work with a second photographer?

I am the only photographer in my company and the only photographer shooting on the wedding day. My clients generally choose me for my vision towards their wedding photography and using a second photographer would dilute my approach as every photographer has a different perspective.

Do you have an assistant?

Yes, I do have an assistant that helps me on the day with lighting, backuping data, carrying equipment, organising the family formal groups but I'm the only one photographing your day. My assistant is a wonderful, polite, very beautiful and highly skilled woman .....she's also my wife, a prefect match.

How long until we see our images?

Your wedding images are available for private viewing on the online galley as soon as they are processed and uploaded. Timings depend on workload and amount of wedding coverage selected as 6 hour coverage would take less time to process than say 10 hours of coverage . I aim for images of a 10 hours of coverage to be ready for the bride and groom to download within ten working days (2 weeks) via the their private online gallery.

Do we get all the DIGITAL images including the RAW files?

The images selected for editing and finally delivery reflect my high standard so that all viable images are included in your online gallery of high resolution files. I don't release the outtakes, and any images not delivered are not archived, and therefore not available. In regards to wanting the RAW files to edit them yourselves, please trust me that I spend a great deal of time editing these images to a high standard so there would be no need to re-edit them.

What is the 'Online Gallery' that you mention?

The online gallery is a private password protected area that can be accessed through the 'client area' on this website menu bar. After receiving a gallery invitation email containing a password and download pin number, access can be gained to the gallery. Using the 4 digit download pin number, clients have access to all their full resolution wedding images which they download to a computer. The gallery has an option of sharing a single photo or the whole collection with family & friends through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and by email. Ordering and purchasing prints & print products is made very easy for any one that has access to the gallery.

What resolution sizes will my wedding photos be?

Images are available in 2 options when downloading from the online gallery.

Original (5760px) - the highest and best resolution for printing.
Web Size (1024px) - for internet use and storage for viewing on mobile devices.

There is no restrictions on the amount of downloads you and your family can obtain.

How many pictures will we receive?

The number of images depends on many things - the number of guests, hours of coverage, type of events. Every wedding is unique and image amount differs. On average you should expect to receive anywhere between 70-100 fully edited images per hour of coverage. 

Why should we hire you?

I have been a photographer for over 20 years and in that time have gained so much experience including photographing hundreds of weddings. What this translates to you is that I am a confident and competent wedding photographer with the ability to tackle any given situation whilst producing consistent results and having strong interpersonal skills.

Please view the testimonials page to see what past Bride and Grooms have to say about me.

What kind of equipment to you use?

I use top of the range Canon equipment. During the wedding I shoot with two identical cameras with lens focal lengths covering from wide, macro and telephoto. I use an 'off camera flash' system with a radio transmitter to control them as a group or individually - this makes a huge difference to the look of images when flash is needed. I have two separate back-up cameras with extra lenses and an extra flash unit just in case any of my primary gear malfunctions. I change memory cards regularly and I record all images on two separate memory cards within my cameras as they can hold and write to two memory cards as the same time - one records RAW and the other JPEG. The JPEG card never leaves my camera during the wedding day. I use this to duplicate all images as back up security.

Can you hold a date for me?

I'm sorry, but I can't hold the date or pencil you in. To be fair to everyone I can't hold a date without the 25% non-refundable booking fee and a signed contract. I accept bookings on a first come first served basis.

When should we book you as our photographer?

As soon as possible since I can't hold dates. Most of my weddings are booked within the a year of the wedding date and others 2 months before. Some of the Maltese and Italian weddings are booked sometimes 2+ years in advance.

how much is the deposit?  How do we pay? When does the full amount need to be paid by?

To secure me as your wedding photographer, I will need the booking fee of 25% of the total price. This is preferably be done via bank transfer as well as the final payment. The remaining final balance is due anytime between one month prior and the wedding date.

What happens if you for whatever reason can't photograph our wedding?

If I was to die I can 100% guarantee that I won't be able to photograph your wedding - which would be very, very sad. However, my wife and assistant would still supply you with a suitable replacement photographer while fighting back her grief. I am part of international and local photography organisations and have many friends that are also photographers who I'm sure will come to my aid and every effort would be made to find someone to photograph your wedding.